Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yummy! Banh Xeo!

Saigon, Vietnam - Today we made the trek up to Banh Xeo 46a which supposedly has the best Banh Xeo in all of Vietnam.  Banh Xeo are rice batter pancakes that are cooked quickly until they are crispy and contain shrimp, pork belly and bean sprouts.

You then add herbs and roll the Banh Xeo pancakes in rice paper or green leaves like a lettuce wrap.  

We took a cab up to where we thought the eatery was but got our wires crossed and had to walk about 5 blocks further to get there.  Down a narrow alley we  walked until we saw a sign that said "Banh Xeo 46A".  We sat down on the little plastic stools and ordered a large Banh Xeo and some BBQ pork with rice vermicelli.

The pork came out first and it was excellent, crispy, sweet and caramelized it went perfect with the cold noodles, peanuts, sprouts and herbs.

Next came the main attraction  the Banh Xeo!   It was folded in half about the 10" long and 6" wide stuffed with bean sprouts, pork belly and shrimp.  On the side  were lettuce leaves and vietnamese herbs like mint, basil and other small peppery leaves.  It was excellent and well worth the trek up there.

Total cost for the Banh Xeo, BBQ Pork w/vermicelli, and two lemon juices was about $7.

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