Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gecko In My Bed!

CHAU DOC, Vietnam - After the first day of our Mekong Delta tour, our bus arrived at our hotel in Chau Doc; a border town with Cambodia. After dinner and a quick walk to the riverside, we went back to our hotel since we were going to have an early start to day two of our tour.  The next morning we were packing up and getting ready to go.  I removed the towel from my head and threw it on the bed.  I'm still not sure where he came from but at that moment a baby gecko ran across our bed (like the one pictured here).  He had either been in our bed the entire night or in the towel that had just been on my head.  My initial reaction was to scream until I realized it was just a little gecko and then my reaction turned to "oh, how cute" and then relief that it wasn't a cockroach.  Stacy just stood there laughing at me.

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