Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Haircut & A Shave!

Saigon, Vietnam - It's been 6 or 7 weeks since I got a hair cut (usually it's 4 weeks between cuts) and I've been thinking for a week that I needed to get one when I got to Saigon.

Over beers last night Betsy and I watched a barbershop across the street as people poured in and out.  Seemed like as good a place to go as any so this morning after the Canucks OT winner was scored we headed around the corner from the hotel to the barbershop.

It was with some trepidation that I walked in the door, a guy motioned me to a seat and asked if i wanted a haircut and a shave? Shave? Sure, why not?  It had been 4 or 5 days since I'd shaved and I'd never had a barber shop shave before so what the heck!

The guy pulled out the clippers and proceeded to buzz me, it took about 15mins and he was done.  So far so good.

Next was the shave.  He sprayed some water on my face massaged it in and then put on the shaving cream.  Pulled out a new razor, slapped it on to the straight razor like an exactor knife blade and went to work.  Ten minutes later he was done. It was the best shave of my life!  

After the shave he grabbed an ice cold facecloth and slapped it over my face and rubbed it around to get off the leftover shaving cream then he folded it in half so it was covering my eyes and forehead, next thing I knew he was doing karate chops on my forehead!!?!   

Next he put on a glove that had what looked like a small air compressor attached to it.  What the heck was this thing?  He plugged it in and proceeded to massage my scalp and neck.  It felt good but also thought my teeth might fall out from the vibrations!

A few minutes later we were done.  Excellent haircut, great shave, nice neck/head massage total cost <$4!

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