Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Son

Yesterday we did a half day tour to My Son which is a collection of ruins about 1 hour east of Hoi An.  It was a  partially guided tour in that we had a guide who walked us out, told us about the first set of ruins and then said we could wander around for a couple of hours exploring the rest while he went back to the cafe for an iced coffee.  We can't complain though as it cost us $5 for the tour.

My Son was mildly interesting nowhere near comparable to Angkor but still interesting nonetheless.  The ruins are in pretty rough shape as the jungle has really taken over and the bombing sustained during the "American War" didn't help them much either.

Most of the ruins were built by the Champa Kingdom between the 4th and 13th century.  While the ruins are in disrepair the setting is beautiful, deep in the jungle and it was a nice way to spend a morning.

It was VERY hot out though. In fact it felt like one of the hottest days we've had. Betsy heard the guide saying it was 35C (100F) and coupled with the humidity we were totally spent by time we got back to the hotel.

Today we head to Nha Trang which is about an 9 hour train ride down the coast from Hoi An. We are probably only going to spend 1 day there and then head to the cooler confines of the mountain town Dalat.

One other note when we got back from dinner last night (excellent indian food!) Betsy found a massive cockroach scurrying along the bathroom floor.  It was quickly dispatched with but I don't think Betsy slept too well last night :)

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