Thursday, March 12, 2009

One week til Tokyo...

I wasn't sure I'd be saying that this time last week.  After finishing up our contracts Betsy and I decided to head to Park City to do some skiing/boarding for a few days before we headed off on our trip.  Apparently that wasn't the wisest idea as last Monday while Betsy was taking a snowboarding lesson she caught an edge and broke her ankle!  

So after being shuttled down the mountain by the ski patrol and taken to the emergency clinic in Park City for x-rays we were relieved to hear that the break was about as minor a break as could be, a barely visible crack in the tibia.  So Betsy is not in a cast but is in a walking boot for the next few weeks.

Being the trooper she is and the fact she is walking without much discomfort all systems are go for takeoff next Wednesday.

Other than that we are just busy running around getting our affairs in order before we leave.

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