Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eating In Singapore

Fish Head Curry

In Singapore it's all about the food! This is definitely one of the great food cities in the world and we have been doing our best to experience as much of the cuisine as we can.  

We've settled into a bit of a routine now.  We wake up about 8 and meander out of the hotel to get some breakfast around 9. Breakfast consists of a coffee which isn't cheap here and a pastry or pastries.

Once we are done with breakfast we have to start  planning for lunch.  So far we've hit most of the major hawker sites.  A hawker market is a collection of  stalls usually outdoors but covered that serves up any number of dishs.  Each hawker generally specializes in one or two dishes and there are separate stalls for beer, juice, desserts.  Basically it is a really good food court!

Most of our lunches and dinners then have been at hawker markets as they offer the best value, often the best food and are where the locals generally go to eat.

Last night however we decided to hit Little India and try one of Singapore's specialty dishes, Fish Head Curry.  It was very good and there is a surprising amount of meat on a fish head.  We didn't eat the eyeballs or tongue (as many do) but we did pick it surprisingly clean as you can see in the picure.

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