Thursday, May 7, 2009


We took the bus today from Siem Reap back to Phnom Penh today. It was a pretty uneventful bus ride though on this bus we weren't the only non-locals.

We made one pit-stop along the way in the town of Skuon (aka Spiderville). Skuon is known for its spiders,specifically tarantula's that the locals like to catch, fry and eat! There were women walking around with platters of these things trying to sell them. We might be adventurous but we aren't THAT adventurous!

Betsy almost had a heart attack when I told her to turn around and look at the girl selling pineapple behind her. The girl had a live tarantula crawling on the front of her shirt like it was a pet. Needless to say Betsy hightailed it out of there pretty quick!

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